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Three Magnetic Scrolls´ hits in one package -
now enhanced to run under WONDERLAND´s Magnetic Windows environment.

Fish! - The Seven Deadly Fins, an inter-dimensional group of anarchists, are on the loose. THE PROJECT has been sabotaged...can you, a mere goldfish, save the day? FISH is full of what you least expected, lacking in all that's rational and devoid of all good sense.

Corruption - Outwardly you're on the fast track to success in the City. But what corruption lurks menacingly just beneath the glittering facade? CORRUPTON is a racy thriller where the only person you can trust is yourself.

The Guild of Thieves - How sneaky can you get? The answer is 'VERY' to stand an earthly of qualifiying for entry into the famed Guild of Thieves. In THE GUILD OF THIEVES, treasure abounds but can you find and steal it all?

Guild of Thieves
Game facts
Virgin Mastertronic
Story, Graphics and Programming:
refer to Fish!, Corruption, Guild of Thieves
Magnetic Windows programming: ?
Amiga, Archimedes, Atari ST, IBM PC
Game box contents:
"Getting started" guide, 92-page manual, Quick reference guide, Poster map (Guild of Thieves), Fish identification chart (Fish!), Page from personal organizer (Corruption), Tape "Derek Rogers, March 25th" (Corruption), Disks or CD-ROM
Game box:
One European box in dark magenta color ( 18 cm x 23 cm - 7.1/16" x 9") and U.S. box with very similiar coloring but slightly different package size (20.4 cm x 23 cm - 8" x 9").
Game box contents



Atari ST



  • Partly the games have advanced features. The windowed version of Fish! e.g. now has a FIND <OBJECT> command and the GOTO <LOCATION> command, which were not available in the old versions due to the 64k limit.
  • In each game a couple of pictures are animated, e.g. the gravedigger in Guild of Thieves.
  • he Collection was later also released on a CD-Rom for IBM PC. The game version is identical to the disk version. The CD comes with an additional Virgin installation tool and demos of other Virgin titles. The CD was packaged in a normal jewel case: Booklet outside, Booklet inside, Jewel case back side
  • The included personal planer page was not a reproduction of the original that came with classic Corruption, but a newly designed page.
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