Play the games online via browser

You can play the Magnetic Scrolls games (almost) immediately with the new Magnetic Scripts engine. Magnetic Scripts is written in pure HTML and Javascript and runs completely in the browser. Many of the features of the native Magnetic ports are included and although this still is very new and surely not as mature as the native interpreter versions, it should provide you with a handy way for quick and easy to access game sessions. All details about requirements and how to use Magnetic Scripts can be found here: (click to start)

Some screenshots:


Play the games online via terminal session

Thomas Dettbarn has released an unique and interesting alternative to the browser play. Using his server, you can play the games in a terminal session through ssh. Head to to for all the details.

Some screenshots:


Important note:
The online versions of the games are available here for personal, non-commercial use with the kind consent of the Magnetic Scrolls people to provide an easy access to the games and enjoy them. Please note that the rights on the games are still held by the Magnetic Scrolls founders, Anita Sinclair and Ken Gordon. The game data cannot be redistributed or used for any commercial purposes without an explicit written permission!