Magnetic Scrolls 
The homepage of the Strandgames project.

Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles   offline
Great site on Magnetic Scrolls and their games with a superb design.
Note: Peter's site went offline some weeks ago and unfortunately I was not able to get in touch with him yet. His site carried some invaluable interviews with former Magnetic Scrolls wizards. I hope Peter's site will reappear soon. To preserve the interviews I uploaded a dump of Peter's site that I took mid of 2015.

The Bird Sanctuary   offline
"...a refuge for memories of Telecomsoft, better known in the UK and Europe during the 1980s by the publishing labels Firebird, Rainbird and Silverbird."

The Digital Antiquarian 
An ongoing history of computer entertainment by Jimmy Maher, articles featuring Magnetic Scrolls

The man who turned scrolls in electronic fantasy 
Interview with Rob Steggles, by Francesco Cordella

Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 
Backstory about Infocom and Magnetic Scrolls, by Andy Baio

In my opinion: What are you made of?   pay-walled
Michael Bywater shares insights into Magnetic Scrolls' parser technology

The Story of Magnetic Scrolls and the End of the text adventure 
Great video by Kim Justice

Wonderland - from start to finish 1/2  Wonderland - from start to finish 2/2 
Complete walkthrough to Wonderland in a single game session

Magnetic Scrolls walkthrough/longplay 
Complete walkthrough to several Magnetic Scrolls games by Vincent Lung

Buying and trading adventure games

The Gome Page: Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe 
THE place to go if you want to sell your old adventure games or if you're looking for an old game...

Interactive fiction and text adventuring

Classic Adventures Solutions Archive 
What has started as a solution repository, now is one of the most comprehensive ressources on text adventure gaming. 
Enormous collection of Freeware and Shareware text adventures. 
Forum for i.f. enthusiasts

UHS - Universal Hint System OpenUHS 
Shareware hint system UHS. More than 200 hint files available. OpenUHS is an open source reader for the hint files.

Old computer and game magazines

The Computer Magazine Archives 
Tremendous archive of computer magazines, growing quickly

Crash Magazine 
Online edition of the CRASH magazine for Sinclair computers.

World of Spectrum 
Largest known archive for Sinclair Spectrum computers. Also contains links to numerous game reviews and other articles from old magazines.

Amiga Magazine Rack 
Large collection of old magazines for the Amiga.

The Definite Guide to Zzap!64 
Complete collection of Zzap!64 magazine for the C64 and partly for Amiga.

Growing collection of mostly german computer games magazines.

Computer Gaming World archive 
Great archive with high quality PDF files of the first 100 issues of CGW.

Large collection of german magazines and books, all available with permission!

Building web sites

CSS Play 
Stu Nichols offers plenty of fantastic CSS samples. An absolute must-visit for CSS users. The old menu bar of the Magnetic Scrolls Memorial and the hint menu in Magnetic Scripts originate from his pages and were/are used here with kind permission.

Colorbox - a jQuery lightbox 
Nice Lightbox alternative which replaces the old MultiBox.